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Your Italian Wedding or Unforgettable Italian Dream
Italy makes you fall in love with it from the outset and leaves a trace in every heart! Its treasured cities, romantic coastlines, picturesque Tuscan valleys, ancient estates, villas, lakes, mountains, orange gardens and sandy beaches – are the ideal destinations for the most beautiful wedding or celebration. A gentle climate, hospitable and open people, exquisite wines and sublime cuisine – all create an exceptional experience. Any dream as a wedding in an ancient castle or on the banks of a famous lake, or a picturesque villa, on a beach or a loft the most romantic rooftop with breathtaking views – can easily come true. We will realise your dream for you, to be treasured for the rest of your life.
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Choosing the Location
In Italy there are plenty of locations which might be ideal for your wedding, celebration or other important event: ancient castles, lake Como villas, Grand Canal palaces in Venice, manors on the picturesque Tuscany slopes. In this section only the most famous locations have been mentioned, but we suggest you write to us with your ideal location expectations – is it a ceremony on the beach or on the rooftop with panoramic view, and we will find you the perfect option accordingly. And even if your choice is a romantic dinner for two, we will make sure you will dine on the most romantic terrace in the world, just the two of you.
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The GG Events team will assist you in the organization of the ceremony in Italy, whether it will be an orthodox ceremony, civil registration or a symbolic ceremony.
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Event Design
Your vision might be a refined celebration in an ancient castle, or to stage a vintage party, or a wedding in the style of an Italian film. Your wishes and ideas create the unique style and the design of the event, we simply help you realise this with decorations, music, catering, photographers and all the subtle details which are important in creating an unforgettable ambience at your event.
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